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Out of our discoveries at the end of 2016, we developed a new machine learning algorithm named M-Learn. This algorithm is also applicable to artificial neural networks. Additionally, the algorithm offers a model to explain human brain processes. Open a clear path to artificial general intelligence.


And that is what we want to build out of this:


Universal online multiplayer game artificial intelligence and an

app store for bots - gamers can hire their own team






















Self-learning agents (bots) to play with you together in online multiplayer games!A human-like game AI with new, self-invented neural networks




We believe in general AI! We also think the best way to enable general artificial intelligence is a human-like playing video game artificial intelligence


A new kind of game AI for a better game experience. Our own virtual friends, when you want it and in the game you want it!


We use the recent big advances in machine learning for delivering a much better game AI. Better doesn’t mean stronger, it means more human-like. You will never recognize that you’re playing against an AI. So, you can play whenever you want, with or against your virtual friends. Build the best team ever with our AI. That guarantees a lot of fun with computer games anytime.


Our AI isn’t programmed one by one, instead, it’s based on our (1st in the world!) self-learning game AI engine! We lovely named it “NeGaBo” (lat., for “I will deny’’). Very suitable, we think.


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