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How it begun?


Everybody who deals with artificial intelligence has certainly heard about the famous ,,AlphaGO'' neural network AI and his victory about the best GO-player Lee Sedol. CEO & Founder Steffen has followed this topic intensive and then he said: ,,Hey, you can use such an AI for other games too!''. Bling, the idea was born.

Then this idea has grown to a project to plan developing an AIPC (artificial intelligence personal character) engine for video games. An engine that gives you the opportunity to fight against bots, which are playing with the same aid then we do; mouse, keyboard, screen & experience.

Afterwards he told me, Co-Founder Scarlett about this idea and I was totally into it from the first second I've heard it. As former LoL-gamer-chick (former ,,League of Legends'' player) with years of experience I knew, that this would be something the LoL-community were await about.

That's why we are even more excited to transpose our projects, so that you get offered a great variety against the ,,Riot''-bots (the AI from ,,Riot Games'').


What makes these bots, which are running with your engine, so special?


You as a player will think you play against a human, because they are playing with the same aid as you do, which means with mouse, keyboard, screen & experience. Something like that was never there before!


Why these kind of bots were never there before?


12 month ago the technology of the artificial neural networks behind it was just not far enough evolved. Also the needed computing power wasn’t available then. This changed fortunately. With the use of graphics processors (GPGPU) to calculate the neural networks, their performance has been multiplied. Even at the theory of networks there were a big progress in the last 18 month. This resulted that the neural networks can outdo at many, really hard pattern recognition tasks against humans. The victory from ,,AlphaGo’’ about Lee Sedol is another result of this development. With this available technology we want to revolutionize the mechanics of the computer game AI and create ,,NeGaBo’’ (our engine).


How do I benefit from it?


Nearly every LoL-gamer (,,League of Legends’’ gamer) were in this situation before; You want to play a round, but your bro’s don’t want to (or have no time) and you don’t want to play with randoms, because your frustration-level would reach new heights.

So what do you do? Play a round custom game against the LoL-Bots (from ,,League of Legends’’ programmed AI)? What for? They are lame, dumb and at higher difficulty they cheat to win. But even this is not their win-guarantee, because you can see through their tactics real quick.

So play against one or more from us developed, and with our engine created, bots! They play like humans, this means with the same aid as you do (screen, mouse, keyboard and experience) and with a human-like playing style. Take your gaming fun in your own hands again, and not in the hands of ,,Riot’’, your bro’s or these randoms!


So you specialize on ,,League of Legends’’?


No, the engine will be the foundation for every game-bot in every online- or offline-game. For our first AIPC (artificial intelligence personal character) - derived from NPC  (non personal character) - we chose ,,League of Legends’’ for its first ‘learning environment’ because we think, that the community there will benefit the most from our projects. As soon as the bot and maybe some others too has ‘settled’ there, we will expand our focus on other online-games too.


How to support you?


First you should believe in our project. Next you can spread our idea, with posting what we want to do on social media networks or with telling your friends and family about it. After that, there is the possibility to ‘like’ our channels at social medias and to follow our news there and also to support us with your donates on ,,Kickstarter’’ (as soon as our campaign started) or ,,PayPal’’ (at the bottom of our website is a button called ,,Donate us’’).


What do you exactly finance with the donations?


Purely just our projects! We can hire new employees for our team, spread our ideas with advertising, and finally begin to start programming the engine.


How many money do you need to implement your projects?


The first project, namely the developing of the first bot that will play in ,,League of Legends’’ will need a funding of at least 40.000€. With a higher financing you will make it possible that we can begin immediately afterwards to develop more projects in connection with the final engine and more bots. At “Projects” you can find a list of all fundings we need for our upcoming projects.


How long will it take to implement the subsequent projects?


There is a fixed timeline in which we want to complete the projects. But you never can say how long we really need for all of this. A bot is our first project and we count in 6 month of developing for it. That’s just an approximate guideline, because the programming can take a little bit more or less time to get finished. But we will keep you up to date with news and videos. If you don’t want to miss something, just follow us on our social media channels!


How will you do that?


We have the ideas, the knowledge and the passion to develop such an artificial intelligence, and you have the resources to support us. Bots based on machine learning are already in development for directions of nearly every kind, but not at computer gaming.

A good example for a bot, based on machine learning is the ,,Neural Talk Bot’’. He grasps the in the video seen and writes the things he can ‘see’ as a subtitle. Have fun watching it!


How will you manage everything with just two of you?


Our projects are just at the beginning, but soon we will need some more helping hands. As more is to do, as more people we will hire for our projects. Then everything will go on much faster and things are getting bigger.

There are still questions left? No problem! Just write us a mail at “Contact” and ask us everything you want to know! We are happy about every question!

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