Our Team

Steffen Modest (left) & Scarlett Modest (right)
Father and Daughter

Name: Scarlett Modest

Age: 25

Lives in: Berlin, Germany

Personal e-mail: scarlett@neuralgamebot.com




























Hobbies: cooking, sports, nutrition, science, technology, gaming

Knowledge: gaming, graphic- & web design, support, languages

Tasks in this Startup: I design the website and all graphics, post news in the social media channels, answer a large part of the emails and do the marketing with Steffen together.

Why do you believe in your projects?  How couldn't I? Artificial intelligence will be part of our future life and I gladly would be one of the people, who helped make this possible!


My name is Scarlett, I am 25 years old and live in Berlin Reinickendorf. I’m interested in cooking, eating generally, body fitness, natural sciences, research, graphic- & web design, gaming as writing. Since the upper school, my English- and grammar knowledge has been increased so much, that I was one of the bests in the class. That mostly came from reading and writing much, also from translating English music and meeting people from the US & UK. When I was a teenager, I taught myself the knowledge of graphic- & web design and had a fan site (homepage) many years, which was successful and known by insiders. Later when I was a grown-up, I started working at ZALANDO as a support for a long time, where I learned much about the online and telephone support. Now I expand my knowledge with online courses and reading much about everything I get in my hands.


When you have personal questions or criticism for me, feel free to write me at my personal e-mail address (above)! I will read and answer every mail by my own, as good as I can! :)

Name: Steffen Modest

Age: 47

Lives in: Brandenburg (near Berlin), Germany

Personal e-mail: steffen@neuralgamebot.com




























Hobbies: gliding, reading, programming, gaming, horse riding

Knowledge: management, machine learning, neural networks, coding

Tasks in this startup: I had the idea for the concept of the startup and I design the AI’s, as the engine. I also repeat some of your emails and do the marketing with Scarlett together.


I'm 47 years old, worked with AI and neural networks in the 90`s. After 25 years as a manager, I quit my job to go back to the AI community. In the last 12 months, I invented a new learning algorithm giving a clear path towards AGI.


Why do you believe in your projects? The success from ALPHA GO and the successes from neural networks at image recognition competitions shows, that the technology is far enough developed to let the AI learn how it imitates humans at video games. A bad AI was an unsolved problem, since the beginning of the gaming industry. With the current technology, we can solve this problem once and for all. A gamer wants intelligent, fair and conformable AI as an enemy or ally. I am sure, I can give them what they want!


Since my study time I deal with neuronal networks and real AI. One or the other maybe remember that; At the beginning of the 90’s, there was the last hype in this segment of computer science. In this phase, I registered two patents for a new kind of artificial neurons. At that time, the development of the gaming industry begun, and that’s why I was active in this area at the center of the 90’s there. After that, I worked in the development department of many renowned companies like VARTA, NIKON, and SAMSUNG. During my recent activity at the startup NEATO, I generated more and more ideas for my own startup company. The result was a new kind of gaming AI, that is based on adaptive neuronal networks and that offers a gaming experience, that only can be accomplished with a human player. The newest progress at neuronal networks makes an AI like ours possible now. My aim is, to give you as a gamer the perfect fitting teammate or foe for the game you want to play. With my experience at gaming and machine learning and your support, I am sure we can reach this!

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