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1st project: The first bot (our first AI)


A gamer always wants to play with the best fitting game partner. Often it is difficult to find them and they don’t give them the best game experience. Or their friends don’t have time or they want to play a different game.

With bots, able to learn how to play (based on artificial neural networks), we can imitate the human-like play-style. That gives a gamer the same game experience as a human gamer, without the disadvantages, like mentioned above.



Our bots haven’t programmed actions, they learn them. They can do that with the power of artificial neural networks. We train the bots with patterns, generated from screenshots, mouse- and keyboard actions from a human player. The bot learns to react like a ‘real’ human player in every game situation. Without cheats and advantages. After the training we have a bot who plays with the interface screen, mouse and keyboard, exactly like you and I.

We believe that in the future we can train bots with different play-styles.


The technology to do that has been developed in the recent 6 months. Artificial neural networks can run on special processors (GPGPU) 100 times faster than before. New kinds of neural networks, especially DCNN (deep convolutional neural networks), can  recognize pictures with complex content. This networks accomplished superhuman scores in all image recognition contests. There is no human who could do this better!

All popular computer games primary using their graphic interface. To be successful you need a good picture recognition. The new artificial neural networks are best prepared for this.

What we need today, is a software using this neural networks to build a bot who can play by its own. Our AI engine called ,,NeGaBo’’ (lat., in eng. ,,I will deny’’) is going to be this software. We are developing ,,NeGaBo’’ with your support and help! The first bot is the basis for the engine and every following bot.


2nd project: A bot team for ,,League of Legends’’


After our first bot is running well we want to build a bot team. Human players in the different playing roles  will build the template for this. Our neural networks will learn from the inputs and the correspondent screen outputs. Additionally we build an interface for the communication of the bots, based on human players too. If we have to develop an leading bot isn’t sure yet. So we have to test what works best. Our goal is a bot team with the same play style like a team of human players. As next step, there will be a teams with different skill levels and play tactics. We want to do all of this with the backing from the gaming community, to be able to implement all your wishes and improvements.


3rd project: Expansion into the USA


The biggest community of ,,League of Legends’’ players are in the U.S.A., so it make sense to open a branch office there. Direct contact to investors, the IT- and Gaming industry is important too. Within 6 months, we want to build up an infrastructure and the know-how, to cover the local market. There are a lot of other startups too. So we hope to find more backup there, to advance the progress of our projects much faster.


4th project: The bot platform


That’s the 2nd big thing! Every gamer can use our developed bots! For that we build up a platform, where everybody can rent a bot. You can imagine this as a ,,Steam’’ for bots. The platform is going to be our main source of income. The bot rent business model is our biggest focus and makes all the cool upcoming things possible!


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